Gezolan EPDM


What Is Gezolan EPDM

Our Gezolan EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber is a premium marvel in synthetic surfacing. With an exceptional EPDM content exceeding 24%, independently proven, it stands unparalleled in UV resistance, colourfastness, and durability.

As exclusive importers of Swiss-made Gezolan EPDM, we bring you the highest quality product with unmatched properties for sports, play, and architectural applications. Dust-free, weather-resistant, consistent in granule size, and exceptionally long-lasting, Gezolan EPDM redefines quality and innovation in rubber surfacing.

Points of Difference

Discover the epitome of rubber excellence with Gezolan EPDM. Its premium quality is unrivalled, offering superior UV resistance, lasting colour, and exceptional durability.


Gezolan EPDM stands firm against UV light, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.

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Vivid, Fade-Proof Colours

Experience colourfast perfection with the full-thickness colour granules.

Unmatched Durability

Gezolan's EPDM granules outlast the competition with high-quality, long-lasting properties.

Consistent Granule Size

Enjoy precise consistency in granule size for an even, attractive surface.


Gezolan EPDM remains pristine and dust-free, enhancing safety and aesthetics.

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Perfect for Every Application

Discover how Gezolan EPDM excels in sports, play, and architectural projects.

our product Range

At RubberTough Industries, our product range includes the exceptional Gezolan EPDM. This premium synthetic rubber delivers UV-resistant brilliance, fade-proof colours, unmatched durability, consistent granule size, and dust-free perfection. Gezolan EPDM caters to a wide array of applications, whether enhancing sports facilities, creating vibrant play areas, or adding architectural elegance to your projects. With Gezolan EPDM, you’re investing in the pinnacle of rubber innovation, promising enduring quality and unmatched vibrancy.


Explore the world of Gezolan EPDM through some common FAQs. We answer your most common questions, from outdoor suitability to colour vibrancy and durability. 

EPDM is a premium quality product and compared to many other synthetic solutions, is quite cost effective. Ask our friendly sales people for a free quote!

The rubber is permeable, meaning water passes through the product. Our quality crews ensure a solid sub base will allow for drainage in order to avoid any reoccurring pooling.

Of course! Our quality installers carefully measure required ratios to provide even, unencumbered blends of EPDM. Review our colour mixer to see how your vision stacks up!

Gezolan EPDM stands out with unmatched durability, providing a long-lasting surface for years to come. Please talk to one of our experts to further discuss the benefits of Gezolan EPDM

downloadable resources

Discover valuable insights with our downloadable resources, including the Gezolan EPDM Colour Chart and Rubber UV Information. These documents provide essential details to assist in your projects and ensure superior quality.

Gezolan Colour

Dive into the Gezolan Colour Chart to unlock a spectrum of vibrant options. Customise your surfaces with an array of colours for visually captivating projects.

Science Behind

Delve deeper than mere characteristics, Gezolan EPDM’s exceptional performance can be attributed to a confluence of advanced material science.

History Behind

Delve into the Gezolan Product Literature Information to understand how the Gezolan EPDM Range maintains its vibrant colours. 

Slip testing
EPDM Gezolan

Investigate the innovative technology behind Gezolan EPDM, featuring full-depth colour for unmatched resistance to fading, wear, and sun damage.

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