OZ Blendz Range

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OZ Blendz Range: A Fusion of Creativity

Discover our exclusive OZ Blendz Range, a palette of standard colour blends to suit every project. These vibrant mixtures incorporate Gezolan EPDM, PlayKote Precoat, and SBR, delivering an array of options for your creative vision. 

If you seek a unique blend, our team can create a custom mix tailored to your specific needs. Innovate with OZ Blendz for a visually captivating and enduring solution.

Points of Difference

Discover the world of colour and creativity with our OZ Blendz Range. This exclusive selection offers standard colour blends and the flexibility to create custom mixes. Unleash the vibrancy in six unique aspects:

Standard Colour Palette

Explore a variety of colour blends for your projects, ensuring visual excellence.

Creative Possibilities

Customise your colour mix to match your unique design and vision.

Gezolan EPDM Fusion

Incorporate the brilliance of Gezolan EPDM into your colour blend.

PlayKote Precoat Versatility

PlayKote Precoat adds its eco-friendly, UV-resistant vibrancy to your mix.

SBR Inclusion

Enhance your blend with the durability and strength of SBR rubber.

Infinite Colour Innovations

Explore how OZ Blendz brings endless colour innovations to your projects.

downloadable resources

Explore our downloadable resources, including the OZ Blendz Range Colour Chart and Rubber UV Information. These valuable documents provide essential insights to elevate your projects, ensuring a vibrant and enduring colour palette.

Gezolan Colour

Dive into the Gezolan EPDM Colour Chart 2022 to unlock a spectrum of vibrant options. Customise your surfaces with an array of colours for visually captivating projects.

Oz Blendz Colour

Immerse yourself in the Oz Blend Colour Coat Chart 2022 and discover a vibrant kaleidoscope of possibilities. Unleash your creativity and personalise your surfaces with an array of captivating colours.

Playkote Precoat
Colour Chart

Embark on a journey through the Playkote Precoat Colour Chart and discover a vibrant spectrum of possibilities. Unleash your creativity and transform your play spaces with an array of captivating colours that will inspire both imagination and joy.

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