Playkote Precoat


PlayKote Precoat: Unleash Durability and Sustainability

Introducing PlayKote Precoat – a non-toxic, inert rubber solution designed to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions. Manufactured by coating recycled SBR granules, PlayKote excels with high-quality pigments, polymers, and UV stabilisers. 

PlayKote is not just resilient; it’s eco-friendly and built for enduring performance, making it the ultimate choice for sustainable surfacing.

Points of Difference

Explore the versatility and eco-friendliness of PlayKote Precoat. Uncover its excellence in six key aspects:

Eco-Friendly Innovation

PlayKote is a sustainable choice crafted from recycled SBR granules.

Rugged Durability

It's built to withstand Australia's harsh conditions with unmatched resilience.

Vibrant Palette

Choose from a spectrum of high-quality pigments to match your design.

UV-Resistant Brilliance

PlayKote's UV stabilisers ensure colours stay vivid and vibrant over time.

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Safety Beyond Measure

Enjoy peace of mind with a non-toxic, safe surface for your projects.


Discover how PlayKote contributes to a greener, more responsible future.


Welcome to our FAQ section, where we provide insights into PlayKote Precoat, the sustainable surfacing solution. Here are four commonly asked questions to enhance your understanding:

They are recycled into SBR granules (crumb) and poured as a base layer to playgrounds.

The inclusion of high-quality pigments and UV stabilisers ensures long-lasting, vibrant colours.

It is ideal for rubber to be laid on top of a solid subbase. We recommend pouring over concrete or asphalt which will ensure that the product stands the test of time. A poor subbase will result in a poor finished product!

Similar to concreting, rubber granules are added to a mixer with a combination of Polyurethane Binder. Once each granule is covered in Binder, it is transferred into a wheelbarrow and poured on site. The rubber is then carefully trowelled to provide a smooth finish.

CSBR (Base Rubber) can be poured at any thickness. Australian Standards dictate specific thickness profiles which are to correlate with critical fall heights. Our estimators will measure the required fall heights to comply with these standards so you can be sure of a compliant playspace!

downloadable resources

Access valuable information through our downloadable resources, including the Precoat Colour Chart and Rubber UV Information. These documents offer essential details to empower your projects with sustainability and quality.

Playkote Precoat Colour Chart

Explore the Precoat Colour Chart to unlock a range of vibrant options. Customise your surfaces with sustainable, fade-resistant colours for eco-conscious projects.

Science Behind Playkote Precoat

Delve into the Rubber UV Information to understand how PlayKote Precoat maintains its brilliance. Discover its UV resistance, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy for your projects.

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