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Elevating Spaces with RubberTough's Expertise

Our Gezolan EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber is a premium marvel in synthetic surfacing. With an exceptional EPDM content exceeding 20%, independently proven, it stands unparalleled in UV resistance, colourfastness, and durability.

As exclusive importers of Swiss-made Gezolan EPDM, we bring you the highest quality product with unmatched properties for sports, play, and architectural applications. Dust-free, weather-resistant, consistent in granule size, and exceptionally long-lasting, Gezolan EPDM redefines quality and innovation in rubber surfacing.

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What we do

Discover the epitome of rubber excellence with Gezolan EPDM. Its premium quality is unrivalled, offering superior UV resistance, lasting colour, and exceptional durability.

Wet Pour Rubber

Our Wet Pour Rubber is the ultimate solution for safe, durable, and porous pool surrounds. PlayKote EPDM rubber is entirely synthetic and offers prolonged UV resistance. It can be applied to existing surfaces, creating a seamless, non-slip area with colour options to match any home or outdoor space.

Playground Safety Mats

Our Playground Safety Mats are engineered for maximum safety and are ideal for high-impact areas. Modular, versatile, and black, they ensure cushioned landings. These 1000mm x 1000mm x 60mm modules are suitable for critical fall heights of 1.8 meters. They can be laid on concrete or come with eco-friendly timber frames for easy installation.

Accessibility Ramps

RubberTough Wheelchair ramps offer flexibility with custom dimensions and lightweight recycled rubber construction. Perfect for temporary use, they can be easily stored and deployed when needed.

Rubber Interlocking Logs

Enhance any playground or garden with our durable rubber safety logs. These recycled tire rubber logs define boundaries and confine soft-fall materials like bark chips or sand. Measuring 200mm x 120mm x 2.3m, they're easy to install with the included pins and plugs.

Rubber Mulch

Our Rubber Mulch is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional garden mulch. It's fade-resistant, made from recycled tires, helps retain moisture, and is ideal for various applications, including horse arenas, when mixed with washed sand.

Stone Paving

Our porous stone paving system ensures a dry, puddle-free pool surround. It can be applied to most existing surfaces, offering a seamless, non-slip finish in various colours. The slightly rounded stones are sourced from Australian Quarries and provide a soft, comfortable underfoot feel.

AudioNetic (Information Bollard)

Explore public spaces with AudioNetic, an audio bollard. Imagine strolling along the Great Ocean Road and accessing captivating information about its 243km stretch. AudioNetic offers informative, educational, exciting, and relaxing experiences.


Children generate power and energy by turning the hand crank, bringing the MusicBall to life. It plays beloved children's songs and nursery rhymes, supporting physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.

DJ Post

Turn the disk, generate energy, and amplify your smartphone's sound without cables or electricity. Place your phone in the designated area under the DJ Post, and its built-in technology automatically picks up the sound, eliminating messy wires or Bluetooth.

Impact Testing

Our testers are fully trained & qualified to use the most advanced playground testing technology in accordance with Australian Standard AS4422:2016  

Our testers have more than 40 years of combined experience in the safety surfacing industry. They are a wealth of knowledge of everything from safety to product installation.

Your Playgrounds and Products should be tested every Three (3) years to Australian Standard AS4422:2016

Our impact testing is completed to the highest standard, ensuring no interruptions or taping off of your area!

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Where We Are Located

RubberTough Industries, based in Warragul, Victoria, is your rubber surfacing specialist. Though our distribution centre is conveniently located in Warragul, our reach extends far beyond, servicing all of Melbourne and providing high-quality products nationwide. From playground surfaces and pool surrounds to accessibility ramps, RubberTough offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your specific needs. With over 100 years of combined experience and a dedication to quality and safety, RubberTough is the trusted name for all your rubber surfacing requirements.

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